"Aligning our Team with a shared understanding of our Vision: through advocacy, empowerment, education and growth"


"To enable the best life possible for our people, by developing life skills and social opportunities"


  • Service user centred
  • ​Individual Focus
  • Dignity
  • Choice and Opportunity
  • Holistic (in approach)
  • Contribution
  • community
  • Participation
  • Inclusion
  • Respect

In 1989, the NZ government de-regulated the care of people with disabilities. Until then, only government run institutes and IHC, or a disabled person's family could care for these people, So, in March 1990, four friends got together to start Kaurilands Skills Centre. Now, we are a charitable Trust, set on 45 hectares on the west coast of Northland.

We provide rural residential care for adults with intellectual disabilities including a vocational day programme which is also run from the premises. Care is for 24 hours a day.

We have two residential homes so the living environment is that of a group.

Work and fun activities are all part of the Vocational programme which encourages each service user to achieve where possible, their personal goals and aspirations for a normal life and to mix with the community. Activities include: Life skills, gardening, farm work, Swimming, Food Processing, Arts and Craft , Horse riding and Holidays  to name but a few.

All our service users are in paid employment at Kaipara Refuse Ltd, a refuse company based in the township of Ruawai,. The service users either run on the refuse trucks across the district, or work at the recycling plant, making their contribution the local working community.

for more information on Kaipara Refuse Ltd, follow the link below.


There are other employment opportunities too in the local area.

​For information on how to enter our service, see our Vacancies page.


Where does our funding come from?

​The service user's money: Ministry of Social Development pay each person with an intellectual disability the Supported Living Benefit When a person is accepted into care at Kaurilands, part of the benefit is paid to Kaurilands Skills Centre, 60% for care which has a GST content and 40% non GST as it is as a rental for the room occupied.

The ​Ministry of Social Development pays the service users the other part of the benefit as a personal allowance. This money goes into a personal account in the name of the service user, and is looked after by a money manager of the service user's choice on their behalf--not paid employers of the Trust. Other finance for service users includes money earned by the themselves through paid employment. These monies are in separate, named personal accounts with ATM cards attached. These cards stay on site for the service users to use when needed.

Service users buy their own clothing and personal things they might like but Kauriland's supplies basic toiletries, food, electricity etc; money for running Kauriland's Residential Homes. The Ministry of Health assesses each new service user as to their needs i.e. level of supervision required, and then pays that level (via the MOH agency in Dunedin)directly to Kaurilands. It is called the ‘MOH Support Subsidy .This money for service user care is assessed at three levels, there being a large difference between level 1 and 3. Level three is the highest level of care Kaurilands supports. These monies are the total of what the MOH supply Kaurilands Skills Centre Trust to run on, and must cover all residential running costs, plus wages. Kaurilands can apply to Tokatoka Foundation for money for projects. This is supplied if sufficient funds are in the Foundation. As a charitable trust, Kaurilands can also apply for grants.

About us 

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